In the beginning…

Acceptional Minds offers help and education to families with a new medical diagnosis. We use a combination of family support (respite, Autism therapy, education), family mentoring (exposure and connections with families that have come through the crisis and grieving process successfully and can provide hope and help instill confidence in those learning to redefine themselves), and education (on Autism, Special Education, Sensory needs, Advocating for your loved one, etc; See List of Classes).

As you grow…

Acceptional Minds offers collaboration services to help children as they grow. We can collaborate with your current services, your post-intensive treatment team, and/or your child’s IEP team to ensure your child is receiving the treatment that’s right for him or her. Acceptional Minds can help facilitate if communication has broken down or your team is struggling with how to help your child.

Later on…

If you have been diagnosed with autism as an adult or have gotten “stuck” in the world, Acceptional Minds can help. Sometimes, events happen that can throw a person with Autism off track. Acceptional Minds has experience working with adults, who do not qualify for state funded services and do not have Autism insurance coverage, but are on the spectrum, and successfully getting them back into life. We offer individualized coaching, as well as, classes and resources to help you get back on track.

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