ASB Overview

During Acceptional Skill Building, clients are arranged in small groups based on age and skill set. Small groups may rotate through goal specific activities, with the large group participating together for large group skill building.

A sensory room and a quiet space are provided to clients, as well as movement breaks which are built in and available upon request. On-staff Speech and Occupational therapists are consulted for programming as needed for skill-building on a case-by-case need.

Transportation to and from the center is the responsibility of the legal guardians of the clients. Transportation by Acceptional Minds may be available during extenuating circumstances. All in-programming travel is supplied by Acceptional Minds.

Large & Small Motor Activities

Large motor activities are designed to strengthen gross motor skills, motor planning, and develop independent sensory and emotional regulation. The activities will be outdoors when possible. If outdoor activities are not possible, large motor activities are adapted for indoor participation. Small motor activities focus on fine motor, executive functioning skills, and social communication. Acceptional Minds consults with on-staff and outside agency occupational therapists to help develop activities based on individual clients’ age and needed skill development.

Lunch & Dinner Duties

These activities are designed to strengthen daily living and job readiness skills. Clients will decide, as a group, what they want for a meal, make a grocery list, determine the budget, shop, pay, make the meal, eat, and clean up as a team.

Structured Games, Arts & Crafts

These activities focus on social communication, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The games are client-led, meaning the clients will invite others to play, attend to the activity, socialize appropriately throughout the activity, and learn to build organic friendships through successful communication and expected behaviors.

Large & Small Group Activities

Large group activities focus on generalizing the skills developed in small groups throughout the week. Clients and staff can eat meals together, watch a movie, play a game, or go on a field trip related to current skill development.


Center chores instill personal responsibility and job readiness skills. Acceptional Minds wants clients to take pride in their environment and to develop age-appropriate self-help and independent living skills.

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