Acceptional Academy

Acceptional Academy was developed to help students whose behaviors are inhibiting their ability to get a quality education in a traditional setting. We support students with unique needs by meeting children where they are at and building executive functioning skills to increase social skills and decrease anxiety overall. Our goal is to help continue education while skill-building to be able to reintegrate our students back into their home schools.

We have an onsite K-12 certified teacher who communicates with the students’ home school and home district to help ensure the students are getting the curriculum designed for them. This teacher also helps make adaptations to meet the skill levels of individual students, as well as ensures we follow the students’ home school Individualized Education Plan and/or collaborate to write an updated one.

When all other options within the home school district are exhausted, students are welcome at Acceptional Academy. We focus on strengthening executive functioning skills, social skills, emotional regulation, and pre/vocational skills. We provide continued collaboration and support in order to transition the student back to their home school whenever they’re ready. All transitions are designed to integrate the student into their home school on their own timeframe, collaborating with Acceptional Minds’ school crisis response, upon request, to minimize challenging behaviors throughout the school day, even after full integration into home school.

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