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Acceptional Minds LLC offers a wide variety of content based classes to support families of children with special needs. While classes are geared for families navigating autism, all individuals seeking more information and support for other disabilities are welcome.

Classes are $40.00 per person and begin April, 2018. There is no minimum amount of classes needed to attend. Preregistration and payment are required before attending classes. There are no refunds, but classes can be switched for a later date in the event of an unexpected schedule conflict.

Resources will be available for purchase on site. This includes, but is not limited to books, fidgets, and sensory items.

Class List

Acceptional Minds LLC’s 2 Course Behavior Modification, Effective Communication, and De-escalation Program

Acceptional Minds LLC is happy to present a proactive parenting education program to help families that are raising children with unsafe and/or difficult behaviors; whether these behaviors are trauma based, environmental, or are related to a disability. Our goal is to effectively shape coping strategies, communication, and behavior for the whole family in positive and healthy ways. The knowledge gained from these two courses is designed to decrease negative community and/or urgent and crisis response contact while giving parents effective tools to manage challenging behavior in a safe and productive manner.

CPR/AED/First Aid

Acceptional Minds LLC offers certification through the American Red Cross in CPR/AED/First Aid at a discounted rate for caregivers and professionals in our community.

All classes can be purchased for off-site (at your home or work), schedule permitting.
Childcare is not guaranteed for off-site classes. Inquire when scheduling.

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