Acceptional Minds hopes to help as many families as we can

Currently, we service Wisconsin residents only. Family Support and Mentoring programs are limited to Brown, Calumet, Outagamie, and Winnebago Counties. We are not an intensive in-home therapy company, thus we do not take insurance.

Autism Specific & non-Autism Supports

  • Consultation
  • Peer sensitivity training for siblings and/or classmates
  • Family Support and Mentoring Programs
  • Parent Outreach Program
  • Informational and Specialty Classes
  • Making Our Way: Skill Building to Independence (Center based)
  • Growing Our Way: Community Integration (Center and Community based)

Acceptional Minds Supports your Family’s Needs

  • Consults for Behavior, IEP, Program Review, additional resources, Adults w/ Autism, Misc issues
  • Family Support and Mentoring Program
  • Parent Outreach Program
  • Provide training for Respite Care and Caregivers
  • Informational and Specialty Classes
  • Locating Resources

Individualised IEP Plans

  • Explanation/Review of IEPs
  • Determining supports for an Initial IEP
  • Parent Advocate/Parent Liaison for IEP development
  • Boys/Girls Groups
  • Consultation
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